Cincinnati TDI Club

have cleaned intake manifold, rebuilt turbocharger,replaced map sensor,checked egr valve, checked snow filter,gutted catalitic converter. one technition  diagnosed that the reostat on the injection pump wasn't receiving the message to increase the fuel amount when required

The purpose of the Cincinnati TDI Club is to help owners of this modern diesel learn how to maintain, enhance, preserve, and enjoy their vehicles.

We are a group of diesel lovers and Volkswagen TDI owners that enjoy learning about and maintaining our vehicles. Besides supporting the efficient petroleum diesel engines in our TDIs, we are committed to improving the environment and are advocates for clean, renewable, domestically produced fuels such as biodiesel. Our group first met in a local Northern Kentucky VW dealership and has since grown to include members around the country. We have local meetings known as GTGs in local Volkswagen dealerships, restaurants, members' homes and a county parks.