Autumn Tuning Session at Jon's Auto in Marysville - Nov. 14, 2009

Jon's Auto LLC is proud to present the return of Jeff from "Rocketchip" ( to our newly remodeled shop. The event will be held on Saturday November 14, 2009 @ 8 AM. We will be doing chip tuning, injector installs, and other minor work if necessary. As always, we offer complimentary VAG-COM. This will be first come first serve event or you may drop off your car Friday evening or Saturday morning and avoid the wait.

Biofuels Corridor: U.S. Route 33 from Columbus to Ohio River

An Ohio partnership has declared U.S. Route 33 from Columbus, Ohio, to the Ohio River a Biofuels Corridor. Non-profits Rural Action Inc. and Clean Fuels Ohio along with Hocking College Energy Institute are promoting the use of biodiesel along the highway corridor. The objective is to have at least six retail biodiesel fueling points and buses from at least three school districts using biodiesel along the four-county route. Part of the initiative to inform potential suppliers and users that Ohio has grant money available for both biodiesel dispensing stations at the retail level and for the incremental cost difference between petroleum diesel and biodiesel for K-12 school buses.

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Volkswagen 170 mpg diesel powered L1 takes the stage in Frankfurt

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Volkswagen debuted its ultra-efficient L1 Concept, which follows in the footstep of the One-Liter Concept from 2002. The L1 derives its name from the fact it takes around one liter of diesel fuel to propel the car 100 kilometers (62 miles). According to press reports, the car is said to consume closer to 1.38 liters of gas to travel 100 km which works out to 170 mpg. The L1 is extremely lightweight at 1,100 lbs, and it has space for just two occupants. The passenger sits behind the driver, and storage is limited. The non-hybrid econo car is powered by a 36 horsepower two-liter diesel motor coupled to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It may be available in 2013, although most see its initial release in Europe only. 

2010 Audi A3 TDI pricing announced

The German automaker announced that the pricing for the new 2010 A3 2.0 TDI starts at $30,775, including destination charge. Using the same 2.0-liter turbo-diesel I-4 found in the Volkswagen Jetta TDI. A3 2.0 TDI is available only as a front-wheel-drive model, equipped with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. The A3 TDI is rated at 30/42 mpg city/highway, which is right on par with a comparable VW Jetta TDI. See rumors in Automobile.


Intellichoice survey reviews 2009 hybrid and diesel cars

TDI QuestionA 2009 Intellichoice survey compared the cost of ownership beyond the sticker price by factoring in depreciation, financing, fuel, Insurance, maintenance, repairs and state fees. By doing this, consumers should have a better idea of what a vehicle’s long-term ownership costs might be and better be able to decide which vehicle is a better overall value.

This year they reviewed 51 different hybrid and diesel model cars and have concluded 'surprisingly' that the maintenance cost of both the diesel and hybrid vehicles were on par with their gasoline only counterparts in a 5 year comparison*. They also describe 'clean diesel' vehicles as a "game changer" and the PDF charts show the Volkswagen Jetta TDI as the best return for the dollar (even in 5 years) when comparing its MSRP premium, fuel cost saving, maintenance and resale value.

The Great American Ballpark and Biodiesel

Not only has the Cincinnati been a pioneer in using biodiesel in their city buses (PDF), but the Great American Ballpark is being praised as one of the greenest Major League Baseball facilities in the nation. Chris DickersonThe ballpark composts its grass clippings and convert all the cooking oil in the consession stands to biodiesel fuel according to a recent article.  Reds outfielder Chris Dickerson, cofounder and CEO of "," says there has been great support in Cincinnati from Rumpke dispersing recycling bins to fans participating in efforts to use resources more carefully. Dickerson's goal is to try and "instill consciousness" among Reds fans. 


Shrimp cocktails may help make biodiesel

Shrimp cocktails could help out fuel tanks, scientists now reveal.

As concerns over global warming and dwindling fossil fuel reserves increase worldwide, more and more interest is growing in renewable fuels such as biodiesel to fill energy demands. However, biodiesel production techniques require catalysts to speed up the chemical reactions that convert soybean, canola, and other plant oils into diesel fuel, and so far catalysts both cannot be reused and must be neutralized with large amounts of water, leaving behind large amounts of polluted wastewater.

Now scientists in China have developed a new catalyst made from shrimp shells that could transform biodiesel production into a faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly process.

Diesels paying financial dividends back more quickly than hybrids

TDIIn the ongoing battle between hybrids and diesels for "payback time" supremacy, the latest round goes to the oil burning posse. That's the report from Edmunds, which did a recent numbers crunch comparing the two fuel-saving drivetrains and found the scales have tipped in favor of diesel powerplants.

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