Audi turns out the 10,000th TT TDI

Wouldn't it be nice to have this in North America?

After two years in production, Audi has just churned out the 10,000th example of its diesel-powered sports car, the TT TDI. The compression ignition TT is propelled by a higher output version of the Volkswagen Group's 2.0-liter inline four TDI that is also found in the Golf and Jetta sold here in the United States. The version in the TT is rated at 170 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. The coupe version is rated 44.4 miles per gallon (U.S.) combined on the EU drive cycle, which would likely be somewhere in the mid- to upper-30s under the EPA's test procedures.


Consider the economical 2011 Volkswagen Golf TDI

For many A3 and A4 Volkswagen Golf TDI diesel lovers, it was good to see the TDI badge back on the North American version of their favorite economical and comfortable hatchback -- some are glad to see the Golf badge as well.'s car reviewer Bill Griffith came to a similar conclusion in his recent review.

2010 VW Golf Rear view

The TDI is rated between 30 miles per gallon (city) and 42 (highway). I carelessly forgot to note the odometer reading with the tank full, but it made four 70-mile roundtrips to Boston from Newburyport, plus a half-dozen other decent-length trips on barely more than half of the 14.5-gallon tank. My Kentucky-windage guess is we got in the 38 mpg range, though the on-board computer was saying 43.2 mpg.

VW officials point out that the TDI emits 25 percent less greenhouse gas and achieves more than 30 percent better fuel economy than comparable gasoline engines. Only a reassuring bit of clatter lets you know this is a diesel.


Review: 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Edition

Worth reading for performance enhanced TDI admirers.


Road test car review: 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Edition, diesel racer for the road

Race on Sunday, sell on Monday. That's been the motto of many auto manufacturers since the dawn of the automotive age. In fact, the first car race in the United States, in 1895, was staged to encourage domestic manufacture of automobiles. It's no surprise, then, that Volkswagen took the diesel powered Jetta TDI racing, and from there made a streetable replica that VW calls the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Edition.

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Waiting for a North American Subaru diesel?

WSJ Q&A on Subaru diesel

If you have been waiting the past couple of years in hopes Subaru brings their boxer diesel engine to North America, some with their ear to the ground don't see it coming any time soon. Of course with demand increasing for oil and renewed concern over offshore drilling safety, prices at the fuel pump could change Subaru's thinking. (Jonathan Welsh WSJ Q & A from May 5, 2010 above)



Cyclox. A cleaner diesel fuel using papermill waste

 An article in AutoblogGreen highlighted some positive research on developing a greener diesel fuel.or really an additive that improves petroleum diesel fuel. According to the article, Michael Boot, a doctoral student and researcher from Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) in the Netherlands, calls this new fuel Cyclox. It’s actually a blend of petroleum diesel and 10% cyclohexanone (CH2)5CO which reduces soot emissions by 50 percent. If fuel to air mixtures are adjusted to a 50/50 air to fuel ratio, Boot is able to achieve zero soot .

The additive being used isn’t all that exotic either; it can be made from lignin which is part of the cell walls from plants and trees. The blog post points to all the wasted ‘lignin’ produced during paper manufacturing as a readily available source of waste material that can be utilized to produce the additive.

Rocketchip Tuning session in Marysville Ohio on April 17th

Posting from the group list ...

Greetings Fellow TDI Enthusiasts:

Jon's Auto LLC is proud to present the return of Jeff from "Rocketchip" ( to our shop. The event will be held on Saturday April 17, 2010 @ 8 AM. We will be doing chip tuning, injector installs, FREE VAG-COM computer diagnostics, and other minor work if necessary.

This will be first come first serve event or you may drop off your car Friday evening or Saturday morning and avoid the wait. Please e-mail us with confirmation so we can provide Jeff with an estimated tune count.

Tuning session location is:

Jon's Auto LLC
22291 Route 4
Marysville, Ohio 43040

Volkswagen to push "Think Blue" to the automotive forefront

Starting February 27th, Volkswagen will be implementing a "Think Blue" marketing campaign stressing the company's focus on "sustainable mobility" which to many CinciTDI members highlights the fuel efficiency of VW TDI diesel vehicles and the environmental awareness of new "clean diesel" TDIs and biodiesel fuel options. Volkswagen is building on the "BlueMotion" label and bringing back the successful 1960's "Think Small" slogan which with the diminutive VW Beetle put Volkswagen on the map here in North America.